COSE Electric Savings Program

Now that Spring is here, businesses should begin to shop for the best electric rate in the market. Prices in the electric market will rise as demand increases over the hot summer months. In order to insulate your business against those rising prices, you will want to lock in a low fixed-rate option for your electric utility.

As a Brecksville Chamber member, you now have access to dramatically reduced electric utility rates for both commercial and residential enrollment through the COSE Energy Electric program. In 2012, commercial businesses who participated in the COSE Electric program saved, on average, $650 annually.

Those additional dollars in your pocket can then be reinvested back into your business as revenues, to increase production, or hire new staff.

How can you take advantage of savings today? Simple. To enroll in the COSE electric program at your home or business, please visit the COSE enrollment page at or call the COSE energy team at 216.592.2205